For Tax Professionals: How To Choose Your Payment Processing Software

June 17, 2020

For tax professionals and accountants, your payment processing software allows you to be paid for your work on time. A good payment processing software will have quick processing times, and require little to no on-boarding for your clients.

The Rapidly platform offers integrations with various tax filing payment processing softwares, and we want to share our expertise to help you make the right decision for your tax and accounting practice.

Keep reading for your payment processing software checklist.


How much flexibility you need from your payment processing software depends on how frequently you expect to collect payments, and the feature set you need. You should also be sure to look out for transaction processing fees. Processing fees can vary between payment methods and can quickly add up over time. 

Certain features, such as client payment plans or faster payment processing times, may outweigh higher annual pricing or higher processing fees.

Payment Options

The most important part of your payment processing software is that it must accept the payment methods your clients use. Your corporate clients may prefer ACH only transfers, while individual clients may opt for credit card payments or monthly payment plans.

Your payment offerings are entirely up to you, but it is advisable to accept various payment methods to offer flexibility for your clients.

Software Features

Ideally, your payment processing solution should require little to no on-boarding time for your clients, so that you can spend your valuable time offering tax and accounting services. Many payment processing solutions will provide a quick and easy client-facing payment portal that does not require an account login or on-boarding.

Some payment solutions will allow you to collect payment in person. This is a great option for retail tax and accounting firms. Whether you work with clients in person or remotely, you will definitely want to have the option to collect payment from anywhere virtually, simply for your client’s ease of access.

Lastly, your software stack should be easily integrated and accessible. If you are a Rapidly platform user, our software integrates with several payment processing softwares. Many payment solutions will allow a client link to the payment platform within your email communications or on your website.

Payment Processing Software Checklist


  1. Does the payment processing solution require a monthly or annual commitment?

  2. What are the additional payment processing fees?

  3. Based on your monthly transaction volume, how much do you expect to pay in fees?

Payment Options

  1. Which payment methods do your clients use: ACH transfer or credit card?

  2. Will you offer payment plan options to your clients?

  3. Which payment types will incur the least amount of additional fees?

  4. How quickly will your payments be processed and sent to your account?

Software Features

  1. How much time on-boarding your clients will this payment solution require?

  2. Will you collect payment from your clients in person, virtually, or both?

  3. Will you need integrations with other platforms, such as Rapidly, your website, or email providers?

With this checklist in mind, the Rapidly team hopes you will pick the best payment processing software for your needs, to simplify your operations and propel your accounting services productivity.

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