How to Use LinkedIn to Market Your Tax and Accounting Firm

January 13, 2021

You’ve heard that LinkedIn can be a great place to land a new job. But, did you know that it’s a leading social media platform for business owners? In recent years, the site has added several new features to help you grow your enterprise. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ll demonstrate how to use LinkedIn to market your tax and accounting firm.

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Pinpoint Your Goals

Before you log on, think about what you want to accomplish by using the platform. Is your goal to increase brand awareness, be seen as an industry thought leader, attract new leads, or all of the above? Everything you post and every interaction you have should be guided by your firm’s current objectives.

Set Up an Effective Profile

Just like any other social media platform, getting your LinkedIn profile right is crucial. Be sure to add lots of details about the services you offer, your experience providing them, and your credentials. Profile visitors should have a very clear idea of who you are and how you help. Remember, add a professional photo so people can see the face behind the profile.

Pro Tip: LinkedIn has a feature called Open for Business. It lets you list the services you offer at the top of your profile. Folks can also message you on the platform for free -- whether you’re connected or not -- making linking up with leads super easy.

Set Up a Company Page

Once your profile is good to go, you should set up a company page for your tax and accounting firm. Company pages come up often in search results, so be sure to take the time to fill out every field and add a lot of detail. While some of the information will mirror your profile, your company page lets you include things like:

  • Your logo

  • Relevant hashtags 

  • A button that takes visitors to your website or another landing page

Pro Tip: You can also set up showcase pages to highlight specific products or services you offer. Don’t forget to invite your connections to follow your company and showcase pages!

Connect and Engage with Others

It’s called social media, so you need to socialize! The key is to be intentional with who you invite to connect. LinkedIn lets you search for people you know and makes connection suggestions based on your existing network. You can also use several search parameters to find people outside of your network that you’d like to meet. If you’ve got a first connection in common, you can ask for an introduction.

When you make a connection request, include a personalized message. People can detect spam from a mile away, so your recipient will be more inclined to accept if you have something in common or have a genuine reason to strike up a conversation. Once you’ve connected with someone, keep the dialogue going. You might be able to help each other.

Pro Tip: To foster even more goodwill with your connections, engage with their posts. Add a meaningful comment or share their content. They will notice and often return the favor.

Join LinkedIn Groups

To connect and engage even more, join tax and accounting-related LinkedIn groups. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your network, establish credibility, and learn from other industry leaders. You never know how a given group could help your business, so it’s worth exploring.

Publish Thought Leadership

Interacting with content from your network is a great way to build rapport. But, you also need to establish yourself as a thought leader. That means you should continuously publish quality, helpful posts that provide real value to your connections. 

Follow these tips for stellar content:

  • Have a strategy so your posts reach your audience at key times

  • Post a variety of content to appeal to different learning styles

  • Create videos as they typically get the most engagement

  • Use bullet points and whitespaces to make long-form writing scannable

  • Add images to written posts to attract attention

  • Include popular, industry-related hashtags to increase post views

  • Offer quick tips, run a poll, or ask questions to promote interaction

  • Publish content several times daily for maximum visibility

Pro Tip: Does your schedule make it impossible to log on to LinkedIn multiple times per day? Try using a tool like Smarterqueue, Hootsuite, or Social Bee to schedule your posts in advance and publish them automatically. You can be active on the platform and take care of other business at the same time!

Collect Endorsements and Recommendations

Members of your network can endorse you for specific skills or give you a recommendation for doing good work. Both of them give profile visitors social proof that you’re a trustworthy expert who can help them. That social proof can equate to new opportunities and more revenue for your tax and accounting firm.

But, how do you get endorsements and recommendations? You can ask people directly. If they’re true fans of your work, they’ll be happy to do it. You can also provide them for others and see if they reciprocate. However, you should only give someone your public stamp of approval if you really believe in them. Otherwise, you could potentially sully your reputation by promoting a connection who does subpar work.

Consider Premium Membership and Paid Advertisements

When it’s time to level up, you might want to consider purchasing a LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator membership. Both make it easier to find and connect with leads. The programs also feature other perks and offer a one-month free trial.

You could also try running paid advertisements to promote your services. The ads will reach people outside of your existing network so that new eyeballs will see your content. You can target your messaging and control your spending.

Check the Data

Once you’ve been active on LinkedIn for a while, you should investigate how well it’s working for your business. The platform provides a range of analytics. That way, you can tweak your strategy as needed. You can also use the Companies to Track feature to do competitor research.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is more than an electronic resume and job board. It’s become a real networking and marketing hub for small businesses. While this article can’t cover every nuance, you should now have a solid idea of how to use LinkedIn to market your tax and accounting firm.

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