How to Use Twitter to Market Your Tax and Accounting Firm

January 20, 2021

You’ve seen that cheerful blue bird all over the internet, and you may even have a Twitter account for personal use. But, did you know that the popular social media platform can be a massive win for your business? In this article, we’ll share how to use Twitter to market your tax and accounting firm. Don’t worry -- it’s easier than you think!

Review Your Marketing Strategy

Your general marketing strategy is your guiding light. So, before you start using any new marketing tool, it’s important to review it. Think about questions like:

  • What are my goals? 

  • Who is my target market?

  • What makes my business unique?

Your responses should inform everything you do on the platform. Keeping your marketing strategy top of mind will keep your Twitter usage on point. 

Create a Winning Profile

Your profile is your opportunity to showcase who you are and what you do. Twitter doesn’t give you a lot of space to work with, so you must maximize every element. Here are the main components to focus on:

  • Handle and username

  • Profile picture and header image

  • Bio

  • Pinned tweet 

Let’s take a closer look at them.

Handle and Username

Your handle is how people will refer to you, or tag you, on the platform. It will start with “@” and can be up to fifteen characters long. Your username helps other Twitter users identify your business. 

Your handle and username should define or describe your firm. Your company name (or a close variation) is a good bet so that your audience will come to associate your tweets with your brand. To seem more personable, you may also want to consider including your actual name within your username. Here’s an example:

Handle: @123Accounting

Username: Joe @ 123Accounting

Profile Picture and Header Image

You have two main options for your profile picture: a professional photo of you or your company logo. A nice headshot can give a good first impression and assure followers that there is a real person behind your account. On the other hand, your logo can increase brand awareness. So, go with your gut and pick a route. You can always change it later.

You can use the header image to highlight information that doesn’t fit elsewhere in your profile. If you went with a photo for your profile picture, you could include your logo here (and vice versa). You can also call attention to new services, special promotions, or upcoming events.


Your bio gives you just 160 characters to share information about your business. Use this space to tell Twitter what you offer and what makes you different. Consider using emojis to help make your story visually interesting and stick to the character limit. Be sure to fill in the fields for your website and business location.

Pinned Tweet

Your pinned tweet gives you another spot to make a statement about your business. Since it can (and should) be changed regularly, it’s ideal for promoting a time-sensitive deal, sharing current industry events, or soliciting feedback and engagement from your audience. You can make any tweet your pinned tweet. Once you’ve submitted your post, click the dots in the top right corner and select “pin to your profile.”

Pro Tip: Put a link to your Twitter profile on your website so visitors can easily follow you and engage with you on the platform.

Post Wisely and Often

Once your profile is complete, get tweeting! Your goal is to use the allotted 280 characters to engage your audience and put your accounting and tax firm top of mind. That means your posts should be intentional and include a mix of helpful content and self-promotion - with the majority being the former. Here are some things you can put out there:

  • Blog posts

  • Podcast episodes

  • Youtube videos

  • Tips and tricks

  • Questions

Since Twitter moves fast, you should try to post multiple times per day. That way, you increase your chances of being seen by your followers. Don’t forget to include images, GIFs, and emojis to make your tweets stand out.

Pro Tip: Don’t have time to hang out on Twitter all day? Tools like TweetDeck help you schedule and automatically post content. That way, you’re regularly posting whether you log in or not.

Engage with Others

Twitter is all about engagement and interaction with other users. So, as you scroll through your feed, like, retweet, and comment on other posts that are relevant to your audience. You’ll be of greater service to your followers. Plus, you’ll build goodwill with other folks in the Twitterverse. They might even reciprocate, putting your content in front of their audience.

Want more ways to engage with people on Twitter? Try these:

Learn Hashtag 101

Hashtags, denoted by “#,” are part of social media language and are particularly useful on Twitter. They help you find relevant posts to engage with and accounts to follow. Even better - they help other people find you. To get the most out of a hashtag, use one that's trending. You can learn more about hashtags here. #clickit

Open Those DM’s

DM’s, or direct messages, are private conversations with other Twitter users. Because there’s no character limit, you can type as much as you want. A DM can be a great way to answer a prospective customer’s questions or address a current customer’s concerns. To make sure folks can reach you, go to your privacy settings, and opt to receive direct messages from anyone.

Lists are Your Friends

Twitter has a list-building function where you can group accounts you follow into categories. You could create lists for:

  • Current clients

  • Prospective clients

  • Industry thought leaders

  • Competitors

Lists can help you stay up-to-date with those that matter most to your business. It’s also a great way to keep your skills sharp and do competitor research. You can set your lists to be public or private. Note: If you make them public, everyone you add to them will be notified.

Consider Paid Advertising

Twitter is free to join and use. But, if you’ve got the cash, you might want to look into paid advertising. You can promote individual tweets, hashtags, videos, or your entire account. Promotion increases visibility, which could translate into higher engagement and paying customers.

Analyze Your Results

If you’re going to put in the effort, you want to make sure that Twitter is worth your time. Just like with any business initiative, the proof is in the data. The platform compiles and presents various metrics to help you understand if your posts are making an impact. You can learn more about how to view and use this insight here.

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Final Thoughts

Twitter can be a boon for your tax and accounting firm. You just need to know how to use it. While we can't possibly share every tip and trick with you here, you should now be able to effectively market your business on this busy social media platform.

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