Rapidly is Getting a Major Upgrade on May 4th

May 4, 2020

To both our taxpayers and tax professionals, when you log in to your Rapidly account on Monday, May 4th, you will see that our interface and features are majorly upgraded and modernized. Here at Rapidly, the top priority of our engineering and support teams is listening to your feedback and constantly improving our product for you. That is why Rapidly is keeping the same great functionality with some added bonuses. 

We hope the new streamlined interface and expanded features make your tax season to-dos that much easier.

Keep reading for more information on updated functionality for both taxpayers and tax professionals.

For Taxpayers

The Rapidly navigation toolbar has moved.

Previously the navigation toolbar was at the top of every page. Taxpayers now have a streamlined left sidebar with the essentials to see your account Overview and previous Service Requests.

Toolbar for Taxpayers in Rapidly platform

Additional functionality for taxpayers to come throughout May.

Use the Overview dashboard to create a new tax and accounting service request. 

Submit a New Request for Taxpayers Platform GIF

Your request options include Cash Out, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, Tax Planning, Business Consulting, Write Up, Payroll, Financial Modeling, or Other Requests. 

The Access Feature removes one more task from your tax requests.

Taxpayers Access Feature Integration with Plaid

Rapidly taxpayers will no longer have time-consuming document uploads. Before you make your service request, you will be prompted to connect your payroll provider within Rapidly via your login credentials.

Your credentials are securely encrypted for one-time access only. We never share your encrypted credentials with anyone. Once you choose a tax professional, your payroll and tax data is transmitted within the secure Rapidly environment.

The Service Requests Dashboard is your personal archive.

Service Requests Dashboard for Taxpayers GIF

The Service Requests page allows you to see all your prior tax and accounting service requests, plus view quotes from tax professionals.

Pro Tip: You can still update your profile, billing, and preferences in the upper right corner of the Rapidly app.

For Tax Professionals

The Rapidly navigation toolbar has moved.

Tax Professionals Toolbar in Rapidly Platform

Previously the navigation toolbar was at the top of every page.

Tax professionals now have access to even more tailored features in their toolbar. Check the left sidebar of the Rapidly app for features such as:

  • Overview dashboard

  • Marketplace client matching

  • Bookings with confirmed clients

Additional functionality for tax professionals to come throughout May.

Pro Tip: You can still update your profile, billing, and preferences in the upper right corner of the Rapidly app.

The Overview dashboard is a bird’s eye view of your day.

Overview Dashboard for Tax and Accounting Professionals

With a quick scroll, you can see:

  • Work Overview with your confirmed client projects

  • Marketplace Overview to see your potential new clients

The Rapidly Marketplace generates new leads for you.

Marketplace for Tax Professionals GIF

It is easy to grow your practice and send quotes to potential clients on Rapidly. 

In the Marketplace, you get upfront information about potential clients, such as their State, Service Type (Tax Prep or Tax Debt Resolution) and Payment Types (Bank Product or Upfront Payment). Sort results by Alphabetical Order, Newest or Oldest Request, Due Date, or Account Value.

Every new client will be organized in your Bookings dashboard.

Tax Professional Marketplace Filtering GIF

With your Premium Rapidly subscription, you have access to advanced client filtering by:

  • Service Type

  • Access Feature: Payroll Credentials, Historical Tax Data

  • State Return

  • Client Received Other Quotes

  • Household Size

  • Filing Status

  • Average Quote Received

Pro Tip: We are offering Rapidly Premium for free to all users for the month of May!

Our team is here to help.

For questions about Rapidly, please contact us.