Rapidly Product Updates

June 16, 2020

June 16: 1040-X Amended Returns

For the first time ever, the IRS will allow e-filing of Form 1040-X later this summer. For individual taxpayers that need to change or update their Tax Year 2019 filed return, this new e-filing option will allow amendments to Form 1040.

Taxpayers can submit their amendment requests now on the Rapidly platform in preparation for this service offering.

✒️ For Taxpayers

  • The 1040-X Amended Returns service option is available for individual taxpayers, regardless if your Form 1040 was filed on the Rapidly platform

  • You have this new service request type available on your Rapidly dashboard

    • Overview -> Request A Service -> Tax Preparation - Amended Return

  • You have two payment options for 1040-X

    • Upfront preparation fees at time of service (via Stripe)

    • Delayed payment (from your tax refund funds)

💡 After e-filing an amendment for Tax Year 2019, you can view the status of your Amended Return via irs.gov.

📄 For Tax Professionals

How does this new service type help tax professionals?

  • The new electronic filing 1040-X service option is another way to differentiate your firm's comprehensive tax offerings

  • You have another service type you can offer to your new Rapidly clients

  • You can better serve your client's tax season needs virtually

  • Both you and your clients can feel confident with faster processing times for e-filing vs. mail-in

Keep an eye out for 1040-X e-file requests from your new and existing clients on the Rapidly platform!

June 5: Updates For Taxpayers

Here at Rapidly, we are working as diligently as we can to improve our Taxpayer-facing platform, so you can have your tax requests completed quicker than ever.

✒️ For Taxpayers

  • Cash Out by Rapidly Fees

    • There is no longer a $5 processing fee for Cash Out requests on the Rapidly platform

    • Now, you can add a custom gratuity/tip amount when your Cash Out request is completed

  • Taxpayer Profile

    • On your Profile dashboard, you have additional fields regarding your tax information

      • Driver's License: Number, State, Issue Date, Expiration Date

      • Dependents: First & Last Name, Date of Birth, SSN

    • Filling out these additional fields makes tax preparation quicker for you and your tax professional

💡 These key updates for Taxpayers will expedite your Cash Out and tax prep requests.

May 4: The New Rapidly

This has been Rapidly's biggest update yet, with a new and improved user interface and design scheme. You can see more about our May 4 updates.

✒️ For Taxpayers

  • Your navigation toolbar has moved to the left of the platform, with new dashboards:

    • Overview

    • Service Requests

  • On your Overview dashboard, you can create a new tax and accounting service request

    • With our Access Feature, you no longer have to upload documents, and instead you can connect the data from your payroll provider securely

  • On your Service Requests dashboard, you can see the status of your past requests, plus view quotes from tax professionals

📩 Taxpayer and Business Request Options

Request Types for Taxpayers:

  • Tax Refund Cash Out

  • Unemployment Cash Out

  • Tax Preparation

  • Other Requests 

Request Types for Businesses:

  • Bookkeeping

  • Tax Planning

  • Business Consulting

  • Write Up

  • Payroll

  • Financial Modeling

  • Other Requests 

💡 Taxpayer Pro Tip

You can still update your profile, billing, and preferences in the upper right corner of the Rapidly app.

📄 For Tax Professionals

  • Your navigation toolbar has moved to the left of the platform, with new dashboards:

    • Overview

    • Marketplace

    • Bookings

  • Your Overview dashboard is the bird's eye view of your day, with a summary of your confirmed clients and potential new clients

  • The Rapidly Marketplace generates leads for you and connects you with potential new clients

  • Your Bookings dashboard organizes your confirmed client bookings

    • With our Access Feature, Rapidly securely verifies your client's payroll data, saving you time at the height of tax season

💡 Tax Professional Pro Tip

There are 3 ways to change your service price before you submit a quote to a potential new client:

  • Slide the slide bar

  • Type in a number

  • Click the up and down arrows

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